ATN X-Sight 4K Pro 5-20x

Brand: ATN

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For 2018 ATN has done it again, improving on what already was best in class digital night vision. The new X-Sight 4K Pro brings you a true HD scope utilizing a 3864 x 2218 image sensor, dual core processing power, wi-fi, Bluetooth and so much more. This feature rich optic comes with a laundry list of tools and gadgets. Starting with our personal favorite Recoil Activated Video. ATN's RAV technology ensures you will never miss capturing that 500 yard shot, giving you the proof to support your bragging rights with video to back it up. What makes this even better is recording at 120fps so you can play it back in slow motion. Along with RAV, you have the ability to take still photos and record video and audio while not shooting.